Shooting Pro Camp

‘Shooting Pro Camp’ is specially designed for professional basketball players who want to improve and sharpen their shooting mechanics.

However, under the participant’s demand, customized training practice is offered. (Defence, foot work and coordination, etc.)

In order to achieve accurate and customized training, two categories are available:


For professional basketball players from national, European and world level (ACB, LEB Oro, Lega, LNB, Bundesliga, Adriatic League (ABA), Lithuanian League (LKL), Turkish League (TBL), Russian League (PBL), etc.)


For professional players from level LEB Plata, EBA and second European divisions.

Initial Evaluation

An initial evaluation will test and analyse different shooting aspects, such as body, legs and feet positions, and arm position for assisting the shooting, ball posting, follow-throughs, and many other aspects.

Front, side and back video recording of the shooter will be used, observing jump shots, three points shots, etc. and also the shooter in motion.

A la derecha puedes descargarte la Ficha Analítica Especial

“Shooting Master Class”

  • Discussion workshops offering key notes for shooting dynamics, and general training targets.
  • «The Shot Chemistry»: psychological training to improve the throw.

General Objectives

  • Comprehension of the shooting dynamics.
  • Self-evaluation and error tracking.
  • Foundation of general practice and other specific training exercises for further and continuous improvement of the shooting dynamic.
  • Raise awareness of the fact that ‘mental strength’ is an important point for improving the shoot.

Shoot templates

  • Nonstop shooting: each shooter, every day, will make over 500 shoots, whilst constant observation of the technical coaches.
  • Control: each shooter will be completing a series of customized spreadsheets which record their progress.

Abajo puedes descargarte la planilla de tiro tanto para imprimirla como para rellenarla desde un dispositivo digital.

Shoot Types

  • Shot tasking in all positions: front, side, across, free throw, triple, etc.
  • Shot tasking in all its forms: static, dribble, jump-shot, etc.

Final Evaluation

At the end, each shooter will be given a final evaluation informing of his development, acquisition and improvement of his shooting dynamics; his spreadsheets with the statistical control and his field goals rate, and a series of recommendations and advice to keep on practicing and improving.

Turnos y Precios 2016

1st Turn: From 13th to 19th July.
2nd Turn: From 29th July to 4th August.

Alojamiento en hotel (Hotel HUSA Gran Vía)

Individual   →    1.270 €

Suplemento por acompañante    →   500 


Alojamiento en residencia (Residencia escolar)

Individual   →    870 €

Suplemento por acompañante    →   500 

Services included
  • 6 night stay in full board.
  • Customized menus.
  • Physiotherapy available 24 hours.
  • Internal transfers.
  • Daily access to gym and swimming pool.
  • Technical audio visual resources.
  • Personnel and technical supervision.
  • Personal assistance.

Activity Timetable

8.30 to 9.30 hrs.
Breakfast  ☕️
GRAN VÍA Hotel / Student Residence
9.30 to 9.45 hrs.
Transfer to Sports Centre  ?
10.00 to 13.00 hrs.
Training Sessions  ?
13.00 to 14.00 hrs.
Gym  ?, Swimming Pool  ?
14.00 to 14.15 hrs.
Transfer to Hotel / Residence  ?
14.30 to 15.30 hrs.
Lunch  ?
GRAN VÍA Hotel / Student Residence
15.30 to 17.00 hrs.
Spare Time  ?
GRAN VÍA Hotel / Student Residence
17.00 to 17.15 hrs.
Transfer to Sports Centre  ?
17.30 to 20.00 hrs.
Training Sessions  ?
20.00 to 20.45 hrs.
Video viewing and Evaluation  ?
20.45 to 21.00 hrs.
Transfer to Hotel / Residence  ?
21.30 to 22.30 hrs.
Dinner  ?
GRAN VÍA Hotel / Student Residence